Start your own PASSIVE business today!

With a PASSIVE investment and a multi-unit opportunity, Knockouts Haircuts for Men is THE BEST opportunity in Franchising

What is passive investment? That means although focused & engaged in the business, you only need to work it 5-10 hours per week. You manage the manager!

Why a Hair Salon Franchise?

The answer is really quite simple. Hair salons are designed to be passively operated. People will get their hair cut in good times and bad. It is low tech meaning you do not have to worry about Amazon taking over your business. So, you have a simple business with a modest investment that gives you an opportunity for a great return. Your job is simply to hire great people, take care of them and take care of your customers. What could be easier than that?

Why become a Knockouts Franchise Owner?

  • Knockouts Haircuts for Men is the best company in the best space for passive operators.
  • Knockouts Haircuts for Men offers the lowest royalty fees by HALF
  • Knockouts Haircuts for Men offers the largest territories
  • Knockouts Haircuts for Men operates with little direct competition...above (better service) than discount walk in salons and below the high-end "clubby" men's salons
  • Knockouts Haircuts for Men offers unparalleled support. How? It is still a family run business where the founders themselves support you
  • Knockouts has skin in the game. The founders operate their own salons and they know what their franchisees are dealing with daily
  • Knockouts Haircuts for Men is simply a "Knockout" experience for the customer, the stylists and the Franchise Owner. Come join the team!